Immigrants - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Immigrants
Date: April 21, 1998

Protestant Immigrants to SC.1763-1777 Around the 1750 s the English
Government began offering land in the 13 colonies to immigrants from
other countries.advertisements were placed in local papers offering land
grants those who were willing to come to the new worldsome familieas
arrived aboard the Britannia from Rotterdam Netherlands in 1761they wee
placed in boats and sent up the Savannah rivers to start their new
life.Christopher Metz was granted a royal land grant of 300 hundred
acres between the Broad and Savannah rivers in what was know as the
Orangburg district a plat of said grant was drawn up in1768 and sgned in
1771.Several families were sent up the Edisto River and dropped of in
various areas to start their new life .If after 1year they shoed
progress and improvement to their land,they would b cnsidered for a
royal grant. 
Council Journal meeting oct 2 1766 the following petetions for warrents
of survey on te bounty were presented snd readViz't
ROBERT patterson  150 on the branches of te Santee and the Bounty
allowed by the act of te general assembly passed on the 25day of July
Peter Dorst 110 on the Santee or Savannah River
ESTHER patterson for the Bounty allowed to protestants settling this
province by the act of gnal ssembly passed 25th July 1761
Order that the sevretary do prepare warrents of survey and theclerk do
grant Certificates to public treasurer to pay the said Robert Patterson
and Esther Patterson for the bounty allowed by said act.              

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