Imigrant list 2ndPart - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Imigrant list 2ndPart
Date: April 21, 1998

Johannes Schaufferberger 150 acres
Andreas Chimst                  150 
Johan  Christian Shroder    150 
Christopher Krahner            150
Johannes Kern                     200
Henrich Guess                     300
 Johannes Skilling                100
Jacob Zimmerman               200
Anna Marg'tFan                    100
Catherine Ratherin                150
Andreas Keller                       350
Johannes  Adam Mickell        100
John George Rarick                100
Anna Belonia Knight                100
Anna Maria Fisherin                 100
Elizabeth Emekin                     100
Between Broad and Savannah Rivers
ORDERED that the secretary do prepare Warrens of survey as prayed fo the
The petitioners also set forth that they are protestants arrivedin this
province in the ship Brittania from Amsterdam on the encouragementand
Bounty given by the act of the General Assembly passed the 25th July

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