If you are researching CW era... - Sue
Subject: If you are researching CW era...
From: Sue
Date: December 14, 1998

If you have CW era ancestors you suspect were POWs, or are
interested in the soldiers who guarded the camps, or who were
otherwise connected with them, then you are invited to join us on
a new list: CW-POW-L

Today, for instance, we have passed information about the
Florence Stockade, where soldiers being transported from
Charleston were sent on their way to other camps.

The focus of the list is everything that has to do with the
cw-era POW experience: Union and CSA, from the prisoners, to the
guards to the suppliers and their effects on local communities. 
You are welcome to post queries about your ancestors you are
trying to locate, or share stories your families have passed
down, or share information about web sites or books or other
useful information.

If you would like to join us, you can subscribe at:

[email protected]


[email protected]

Just put the word subscribe in the body of your message.

Hope you'll come and join us!

[email protected]

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