Re: Re: Identifying Unmarked Grave (?) - Pianomuth
Subject: Re: Re: Identifying Unmarked Grave (?)
From: Pianomuth
Date: May 11, 2000

Can anyone tell me how to have a grave identified?  My G Grandfather's (d 
1906) grave is in a very old well kept cemetery.  We had always thought our 
G-Grandmother (d 1907) was buried there, too.  There is a small stone and a 
Confederate marker at the site of his grave and an area next to it with no 
marks.  The cemetery has no record of either of them in their card file.

They have a data base that was probably done in connection with a physical 
inventory.  This database has his name and the information that is found on 
his stone, but there is no record of his wife.

Any suggestions?

Sorry this is so long.
Marion Smith Whiting

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