Re: Re: Identifying Unmarked Grave (?) - Donna Howland
Subject: Re: Re: Identifying Unmarked Grave (?)
From: Donna Howland
Date: May 11, 2000


Did you also check the cemetery records for ownership cards on who owns the 
plot(s)?  Sometimes, that helps.  I found my g-grandmother's sister's grave 
that way (in Norfolk, VA)

Just an idea.


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>Subject: Re: Re: Identifying Unmarked Grave (?)
>Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 20:15:57 EDT
>Can anyone tell me how to have a grave identified?  My G Grandfather's (d
>1906) grave is in a very old well kept cemetery.  We had always thought our
>G-Grandmother (d 1907) was buried there, too.  There is a small stone and a
>Confederate marker at the site of his grave and an area next to it with no
>marks.  The cemetery has no record of either of them in their card file.
>They have a data base that was probably done in connection with a physical
>inventory.  This database has his name and the information that is found on
>his stone, but there is no record of his wife.
>Any suggestions?
>Sorry this is so long.
>Marion Smith Whiting

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