I'm stuck...Help - Robin Franks
Subject: I'm stuck...Help
From: Robin Franks
Date: August 15, 1998

I don't know what to do......I gained a copy of my GG Grandfather's
death certificate yeaterday hoping his parents were listed as many
people told me they would be, but the only thing listed id D.K. ( don't
know ). The certificate did state that he was born in Laurens Co., so
today I looked in the 1860 census ( he was born in 1856 ) but nothing
close to his age or name. What can I do next? I'm really frustrated and
feel like giving up. Please can anyone tell me where to look next?
His name was Robert James Franks b. 5/25/1856  d. 1/25/1942 in Laurens (
buried at Rocky Springs Pres. Church ) married to Nannie C. Blakely b.
3/15/1856 d. 8/30/1908 ( buried next to Robert ).


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