I'm sorry Steve! You're a thief! - Galinahist
Subject: I'm sorry Steve! You're a thief!
From: Galinahist
Date: May 12, 1999

 contains no original authorship, and consists of lists taken from public 

The document you stole and republished from Cindy did contain results of her 
original research in that it incorporated additional information not found on 
the microfilm.  In your haste to claim the work as your own, you stripped her 
copyright notice and failed to check the film (which I'm sure you have access 
to) to ascertain if it was within the copyright law.

Your blatant disregard of this basic tenant which protects all of our 
intellectual property rights is abominable!

You have stated several times lately that you're ready to shut down this list 
if people don't stop picking on you.  Perhaps it is time to turn the reigns 
over to someone else who will handle things in a more amiccable manner.

Your reposting of your feud with Laura Schmidt which is over a year old also 
violates the proper use of this list and does nothing more than to show you 
to be a fool.

On another matter, your posting of the info. on The Medical School of South 
Carolina is quite lengthy and has no attribution as to its source.  Is this 
your original writing or did you lift it from someone else's work also?  As a 
researcher, it is important for me to be able to reference back to the 
sources for such information.  This particular item is important to me in my 
work on my web site, The Civil War in South Carolina, but I have no way of 
verifying or further research based on the info. you posted.

John Rigdon

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