I'm back online, for now. - Steven J. Coker
Subject: I'm back online, for now.
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: July 04, 1998

Whatever the problem was that was preventing me from receiving mail from
Rootsweb, it seems to have been fixed around 11:35am today, July 4th.  I started
getting the mail from Rootsweb again about that time.

Thanks to all 200 or so of you who responded to my "Anybody There?" inquiry.  I
apologize for violating policy by sending such a test message to the forum. 
But, I had spent about 24 frustrating hours trying to resolve the problem before
resorting to that desperate measure.  I contacted my service provider several
times, triple checked everything in my setups again and again, reinstalled
software, upgraded my modem software, contacted the guru's at Rootsweb, etc.,
etc.  It's important that I maintain an email connection with Rootsweb in order
to monitor problems that might develop.  Happily, serious problems in the forums
have been very rare.  That's because we have good people running things at
Rootsweb and great people participating in the forums.

Hope you understand if I don't send each of you a personal thanks.  I need to
spend the afternoon finding out what I've been missing for the last 36+ hours
when I was in "blackout" from Rootsweb.

Thanks again everybody. Y'all have a SAFE and Happy July 4th!  Be careful out
there.  Remember that there are more traffic injuries around July 4th than any
other time, so drive defensively and don't drink and drive!!  Let somebody sober
drive or treat yourself to a taxi ride home or a night at a hotel.  You can
always pick up the car later and a few dollars for a taxi is much cheaper than
what getting caught drinking and driving would cost.  Also, don't let kids
"play" with fireworks.  If they have them, please watch over how they use them.  

Okay, that's enough off-topic stuff for now.  Thanks again.

Steve Coker
Forum Manager

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