I'm A New PERRY Researcher - Debra Crowell
Subject: I'm A New PERRY Researcher
From: Debra Crowell
Date: October 11, 1999

Hello and Good Morning,
>I am new to this list and the PERRY surname. I haven't much to go on here
>with my
>PERRY'S but I am hoping for some direction, (I honestly have no idea where
>to go
>with my PERRY!). I will list what little I do have and hopefully someone
>will have
>some info to help me!!!
From the 1850 Marion,Co.Tn. Census: 928-928...
>PERRY, Sanford  53 SC.  born about 1797
>       Aney     39 GA.  born about 1821
>      Elizabeth 10 TN.
From the 1860 Sequatchie,Co.Tn. Census: HH218-182
>PERRY,  Sanford  65 M Farmer SC.
>        Anna     57 F        SC.
>Williams, David 22 M Farm Labor Tn.
>      Elizabeth 17 F        Tn.
>      William    2 M        Tn.
>      Laurana    1 F        Tn.
>      Sanford   2/12 M      Tn.
>1880 Warren,Co.Tn. Census: 
>Says Anna Perry age 80 SC,SC,SC.
>Sanford Perry and Anna______Perry are the parents of Elizabeth Francis or
>Francis Elizabeth Perry, Elizabeth Francis married about 1854 in Tn. to
>David Sertain Williams. Theese people are my direct line of grandparents.
>I have nothing else to go on, nor do I know of any other children for
>Sandford Perry and Anna______Perry. I am sure they had to had other
>Does anyone have this Sanford Perry??? What is Anna's maiden name? What
>county is this family from?
>Thanks in advance for any help!       Debra

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