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Subject: Re: I am researching DAVIS of SC
From: Bnorem
Date: February 16, 2000

In a message dated 2/13/2000 7:54:14 AM Central Standard Time, 
[email protected] writes:

<<     I am researching DAVIS of SC. >>

DAVIS is one of my main surnames - I'm looking for the parents of John DAVIS, 
Sr. who moved to GA from SC ca 1785-1789, where he had a land patent in 
Effingham Co in the part which became Bryan Co. ca 1794. He & wife, Elizabeth 
both died in 1793 leaving a will each naming their children. Any info on his 
parents & what SC county he moved from will be much appreciated. His & 
Elizabeth's children were: Joseph, William D., James, George, Walter(my 3rd g 
grandfather), Samuel W., John, Jr., Elizabeth & Nancy(Ann). I have a lot on 
most of these children, especially Walter's line to the present. Will be 
happy to exchange info if anything looks familiar.

Betty (Robbins) Norem
[email protected]

Researching surname ROBBINS - NC>SC>AL, FL 
& associated names of BRADLEY, COON, CRIBB,

& associated names of BRASWELL, COOPER, FAIRCLOTH,      HARVEY, JOHNSON, 

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