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Subject: RE: Hutson Loftis
From: Wodi Pro
Date: March 20, 1998

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Banks, are you interested in Sarah Gilliam.. I have a Gilliam connection =
and may be able to sift her out of all my Gilliam Material.. My guess =
isi she is from  Lowndesville, she is going to be descended from William =
and Elizabeth and their children  Maybe, Harris or David...good material =
in Abbeville books.  William and Elizabeth lived in Granville Co. NC... =
William died there... Elizabeth was Elizabeth Cheatum Gilliam and she =
died in ABbeville..or 96... Anne----------
From: 	Banks Cates
Sent: 	Thursday, March 19, 1998 6:30 AM
Subject: 	Hutson Loftis

Looking for information re: parents and siblings of Hutson Loftis from
Lowndesville, born Dec. 23,1825 and died Jan. 23, 1910. Was married to
Sarah Gilliam, Jane Black and Maude Gilliam Scoggins.


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