Re: HUTCHINSON wills; Thank you Betty!!! AND a "Kinsman" question - Derrell Teat
Subject: Re: HUTCHINSON wills; Thank you Betty!!! AND a "Kinsman" question
From: Derrell Teat
Date: February 20, 2000

Elizabeth, Found the following in SC Naturalizations 1783-1850
State Records Volume 3, 258-259
On 7 June 1805 at a Court of Common Pleas, Hugh Hutchinson a native of
Ireland, mariner, aged 39 prayed to become a citizen.
Hope this helps,
Derrell Oakley Teat

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From: Elizabeth Russo 
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2000 12:09 PM
Subject: HUTCHINSON wills; Thank you Betty!!! AND a "Kinsman" question

 First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my request on
> SCROOTS for a lookup.  I didn't realize Betty ([email protected]) had a
> will abstract book and felt that even if she did she had done so very
> much for me already that I hoped to spare her.
> But then, Betty did her thing, apparently staying up til the wee hours,
> or getting up early, because there they were, all these HUTCHINSON wills
> lined up neatly for me.
> THANK YOU BETTY DUNN, my MOUZON cousin, for all your help!!!  Again!!!
> Although we share a MOUZON ancestor or two, the HUTCHINSON family is of
> no relation to her and this was just her pure generosity at work again.
> Betty is one of the most tireless, selfless people I know.  It is this
> sort of wonderful giving that takes my breath away while researching on
> the Net, especially on the SCROOTS and HUGUENOT lists.
> And I hope not to embarass Betty by mentioning this, but she has many
> problems with her health and eyesight such that this kind of work is
> truly a sacrifice beyond extraordinary.
> And now, a question for those still reading all of this:  several of the
> HUTCHINSON wills mention the phrase "my kinsman".  Does this apply
> usually to any relation other than sibling, parent or child?  Or does it
> most often apply to cousin?  Or a cousin beyond the first degree?  In
> the 1700s did people say "Uncle" or "Aunt"?  (I rarely see those terms
> during that time period.)
> [I have been tracking this family the past several months and with all
> their THOMASes and JOHNs and MARYs, I am hoping to narrow down the
> "kinsman" label a little bit.  I feel certain my own MARY HUTCHINSON who
> married JOHN CARNE (their daughter ANN CLARKSON CARNE married PETER
> DUBOIS, JR.) is related to nearly all these folks, but not sure exactly
> how.]
> Thank you listers!!
> Elizabeth DuBois Russo
> Whose never-ending quest for JOHN DUBOIS of Charles Town 1696 has taken
> a temporary backseat to all her HUTCHINSON ancestors...

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