HUTCHINSON wills; Thank you Betty!!! AND a "Kinsman" question - Elizabeth Russo
Subject: HUTCHINSON wills; Thank you Betty!!! AND a "Kinsman" question
From: Elizabeth Russo
Date: February 20, 2000

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my request on
SCROOTS for a lookup.  I didn't realize Betty ([email protected]) had a
will abstract book and felt that even if she did she had done so very
much for me already that I hoped to spare her.

But then, Betty did her thing, apparently staying up til the wee hours,
or getting up early, because there they were, all these HUTCHINSON wills
lined up neatly for me.

THANK YOU BETTY DUNN, my MOUZON cousin, for all your help!!!  Again!!!

Although we share a MOUZON ancestor or two, the HUTCHINSON family is of
no relation to her and this was just her pure generosity at work again.
Betty is one of the most tireless, selfless people I know.  It is this
sort of wonderful giving that takes my breath away while researching on
the Net, especially on the SCROOTS and HUGUENOT lists.

And I hope not to embarass Betty by mentioning this, but she has many
problems with her health and eyesight such that this kind of work is
truly a sacrifice beyond extraordinary.


And now, a question for those still reading all of this:  several of the
HUTCHINSON wills mention the phrase "my kinsman".  Does this apply
usually to any relation other than sibling, parent or child?  Or does it
most often apply to cousin?  Or a cousin beyond the first degree?  In
the 1700s did people say "Uncle" or "Aunt"?  (I rarely see those terms
during that time period.)

[I have been tracking this family the past several months and with all
their THOMASes and JOHNs and MARYs, I am hoping to narrow down the
"kinsman" label a little bit.  I feel certain my own MARY HUTCHINSON who
married JOHN CARNE (their daughter ANN CLARKSON CARNE married PETER
DUBOIS, JR.) is related to nearly all these folks, but not sure exactly

Thank you listers!!

Elizabeth DuBois Russo
Whose never-ending quest for JOHN DUBOIS of Charles Town 1696 has taken
a temporary backseat to all her HUTCHINSON ancestors...

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