Hussey Genealogy - Aldrich
Subject: Hussey Genealogy
From: Aldrich
Date: June 26, 2000

Looking for any information about the following family from the
Indian Fields area of St. George, Dorchester County, SC.

Edward Hussey, b. abt 1765 in NC; d. after 1830 in SC.
+ unknown(s)
___Simeon Hussey, b. abt. 1800; d. abt. 1840/41 in SC.
       + Ann C. Moorer, b. aft. 1810 in SC; d. abt.1889 in SC.
__________ Edward L. Hussey, b. abt. 1831, d. 1903 in SC.
                        + Caroline Wimberly
__________ John M. Hussey, b. abt. 1835 in SC.; d. July 1863 at
                                                       Gettysburg while
serving with the
                                                       1st SC Calvary.
                        + Mary Ann C. Stroble
__________ Shields Hussey, b. abt. 1838 in SC.;d. bef. 1860 in SC.
__________ Simeon Albert Hussey, b. May, 1839 in SC.; d. 1929 in
                       + Love Wimberly
                       + Ann Dora Weimer
___ Elizabeth Hussey, b. 1807 in SC.; d. abt. 1877 in Branchville, SC.
      + John Grimes
      + Wm. W. Rigby
___ Edward Grossman Hussey, b. abt. 1810 in SC.; d. 1853 in MS.
       + Sarah Griffith
___ Shields Lambright Hussey, b. abt. 1814 in SC.; d. in MS.

Looking for any information on the following family from Charleston,

Bryan Hussey, b. 1770 in NC; d. 1823 in Charleston, SC.
+ Susannah Swain
___ Catherine E. Hussey, b. 1797, d. June 1798
___ Edward Hussey, b. 1798 in; d. 1826 in Charleston, SC.
___ Mary S. Hussey, b. abt 1805 in SC.; d. unknown in Columbia, SC.
       + Galloway Monteith
___ Bryan Edmondson Hussey, b.1806; d. 1807 in Charleston, SC.
___ John Hussey, b. aft. 1806; d. bef. 1845 in NC.
       + unknown
________  Margaret Kettleband Hussey, b.aft. 1833; d. aft. 1853 in NC.
                    + Samuel Whaley of NC.
________  John Edward Hussey, b. abt. 1833; d. in NC.
___ James P. Hussey, b. abt. 1813 in SC.; d. May 1887 in Prosperity, SC.
       + Temperence (?)
___ Bryan P. Hussey, b. bef. 1814; d. unknown
___ George P. Hussey, b. abt. 1819; d. unknown
___ Onslow Isabella Hussey, b. abt. 1821; d. before 1865 in Columbia, SC.
       + Nicholas Gibson
___ Elizabeth Hussey, b. unknown; d. unknown
___ Shields E. Hussey, b. Feb. 1822 in Charleston, SC.; d. Aug. 1854 in SC.
       + Catherine N. Douglas
________ Mary Hussey, b. abt. 1852 in SC.; d. unknown

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