Re: Hurricane Worries - Patti Thompson
Subject: Re: Hurricane Worries
From: Patti Thompson
Date: September 20, 1999

 Greetings from Wilmington, NC.

This may not be genealogy related but please remember all of us along the North
Carolina coast tonight in your prayers.  Thousand of people have lost everything
because of the flooding problems.  Now we have found out that it can get worse
with the rains from Tropical Storm Harvey.  Tons of dead animals have polluted
the waters along with hog waste runoffs, sewage and gas & oil from abandoned
cars.  Whole towns have been cut off with supplies dwindling low. Most of these
people are not in low lying areas nor do they have flood insurance.  Please
remember us in your prayers tonight.

Patti Hanna-Thompson
[email protected]

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