Re: Hurricane Worries - Felicia K. Gourdin
Subject: Re: Hurricane Worries
From: Felicia K. Gourdin
Date: September 21, 1999

Oh Patti!  We certainly will!  I just can't get you'all off my mind.  Not if
I tried!  I've thought of calling the Red Cross to see if they need more
nurses.  Do you think they might need more?  Felicia, R.N.C.
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From: Patti Thompson 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 2:55 AM
Subject: Re: Hurricane Worries

 Greetings from Wilmington, NC.
>This may not be genealogy related but please remember all of us along the
>Carolina coast tonight in your prayers.  Thousand of people have lost
>because of the flooding problems.  Now we have found out that it can get
>with the rains from Tropical Storm Harvey.  Tons of dead animals have
>the waters along with hog waste runoffs, sewage and gas & oil from
>cars.  Whole towns have been cut off with supplies dwindling low. Most of
>people are not in low lying areas nor do they have flood insurance.  Please
>remember us in your prayers tonight.
>Patti Hanna-Thompson
>[email protected]

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