Re: Hurricane Worries - Deborah Aldridge
Subject: Re: Hurricane Worries
From: Deborah Aldridge
Date: September 15, 1999


I've added him to my prayer list.  It's getting pretty
long now. Don't forget Virginia.  They are under
Hurricane Warning too.  And the Outer Banks of NC -
They're still reeling from Dennis!  There are two
places in this country I would not live - The Outer
Banks and Brownsville, TX.  Seems like they just DRAW
hurricanes to them!

My mother is in Columbia also, where my sister, her
daughter and son, and my cousin from Edisto Island
have joined her.  I am praying for all of them,
especially in the projection comes to pass that says
it will come onshore in the middle of the coastline. 
Hugo ripped up the country all the way up to Rock
Hill!  I begged her to go to Greenville to stay with
my other sister, but she is 82 and stubborn and won't
budge.  She grew up on the coast, and isn't very
frightened of hurricanes.  I think I'm more worried
than she is.

Love & Hugs to all,


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