Re: Hurray for those who share!!! - Carolyn M. Getting
Subject: Re: Hurray for those who share!!!
From: Carolyn M. Getting
Date: February 21, 1998

Thanks to people like Steve Coker that take their time, their resources to 
share.  You can please some of the people, some of the time, part of the 
people, part of the time, but not all the people all of the time.  I just 
wish people, would realize, that this is like TV, or the Newspaper...If you 
don't have time for it, then don't read it, don't subscribe to it, don't 
watch.  But, there are those you have an interest.  Should the ones that 
have an interest, suffer because others do not have an interest?  Genealogy 
is history, no way around it.  If you don't have the history, you can't 
follow the genealogy.  It's that simple.  Names and dates are not 
genealogy...they are names and dates.  I have a cousin, who says, he's a 
compiler, because that is essentially what he is interested in names and 
dates, not even full dates, the year will do.  He makes no claims that he 
is working on genealogy, just compiling facts.

I love the history myself, it's the meat to put on the bones of all those 
dead relatives.  God bless.

just an old Texas Gal.

Researching: Knight/Byles/Little/Marshall/Kent/Garner/Bailey/Martin/Foote/
bs/Schuenemann/Latinsky/Altman/Gambel/Sinz & Gross

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