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William Miles Hunter (Jr.), prominent citizen of Hamilton County, Fla., and 
native of Wayne Co. Ga., was born May 25, 1816, son of William Miles and 
Catherine Roberts Hunter (Vol.III). He spent his early years in Wayne and 
Camden counties, moving to Hamilton county with his parents in his youth. 
He was married in Hamilton County, June, 1836, to Mrs. Rachel Hatcher, born 
1811 in Wayne County, Ga., widow of Moses Hatcher and daughter of Thomas 
Knight who had moved to Hamilton County from Georgia also. Mrs. Rachel 
Hatcher had had two Hatcher children by her first After her 
first husband's death she came with her two children to Hamilton County to 
live with her parents. By her marriage to Mr. Hunter the following nine 
children were born:

1. Miles C.	b. 1837, m. Mary A. S. Altman, dau of Thos., Dec. 21, 1859.
2. Thomas J.	b. 1838, m. Harriet Lee, dau. of Levi.
3. Catherine	b. 1841, m. Andrew W. Jackson, Jan. 17, 1860.
4. William M.	b. 1843, m. Ist. Jane Cason, Dec. 20, 1865, dau. of Cullen W. 
Cason; 2nd. Her sister. Matilda Cason; 3rd. Mrs. Mary Blount, dau. of 
Milton J. Bryan.
5. Mary	b. 1844, m. William L. Altman.
6. Richard	b. 1846, m. Emaline Lee, dau. of John.
7. Abraham Knight	b. 1847, m. Anna Lee, dau. of Levi.
8. Sarah	b. 1848, m. Levi Chesire.
9. Joshua Roberts	b. 1852, m. Julia Lee, dau. of Levi.

Mr. Hunter was a private in the Indian War, serving in Capt. Peter W. Law's 
company of the 13th Regiment, Florida militia, June 15th to Oct 15, 1836. 
He was a Justice of Peace in Hamilton County, 1845-47, 1853-61 and 1865-67, 
and served on the Board of County Commissioners, 1865-67. His wife died 
Dec. 15, 1881, and he died Oct. 29, 1889; they were buried in Prospect 
Church Cemetery, Hamilton county; graves marked.

LEE, JAMES J.	1818-1894 	CLINCH

James Jackson Lee was born in 1818 in Appling County, illegitimate son of 
Elizabeth Lee and grandson of John Lee, R.S., (Vol. I) . His father was 
William Malphus, so said. James J. Lee and his sister, Rachel, drew land as 
illegitimates in the 1827 land lottery, residents at the time of Ware 
County; she later married Thomas Starling. Their mother in late life 
married Daniel J. Blackburn (Vol.1), but had no further issue. James J. Lee 
was married in 1837 to Jemima Joyce, born 1819 in Tattnall County, daughter 
of Henry Joyce (Vol. I). They had the following children:

1. MaryAnn	b. 1838, m. George Cornelius.
2. William	b. 1849, m. Nancy Padgett, dau. of James T.
3. Henry	b. 1844, m. 1st., Kizzie Hunter, divorced, 1880; 2nd. AmyJane 
Hurst-Boughtwell. Aug. 15, 1881.


David Hunter was born 1810 in Georgia, son of Joseph Hunter. His parents 
were among the first settlers of Appling County being found there in 1820 
Census. Joseph Hunter was living in Ware County in 1830, and in Hamilton 
Co. Fla., in 1840. David's wife was named Mary, born 1815 in Georgia, 
maiden name unknown. They had the following children:

1. Archibald	b. 1832, Rebecca Petty.
2. Jesse	b. 1835, m. Mary Ann DeLoach, Feb. 22, 1858, dau. of General 
3. George	b. 1840, m. Susan Padgett, dau. of James T.
4. Keziah	b. 1845, m. 1st. Henry Lee, 1861, divorced 1880; 2nd. Thos. W. 
5. Saletha	b. 1845, m. (unknown).
6. James	b. 1850, m. Malissie Padgett, dau. of James T.
7. Staten	b. 1852, m. Rosa Altman in South Fla.
8. John Wesley	b. 1854, m. (unknown).
9. Georgia	b. 185-, m. Allen Justice.

David Hunter moved to the lower part of what was then Ware County soon 
after marriage, settling in the 13th land district, and which section was 
made into Clinch county in its creation 1850 and into Echols county in its 
creation in 1858. Their nearest postoffice in those days was Blount's 
Feffy, Fla., on the Suwannee River. Mrs. Hunter was a member of the 
Primitive Baptist Church at Bethel in eastern Echols county; she was 
received into the church July 21, 1850, and was baptized. She died a member 
about 1885.
David Hunter was a private in Capt. Wm. B. North's company, 2nd Regiment, 
Florida militia, June 16th to Dec. 18, 1837, in the Indian War. He died 
about 1868 and was buried at Bethel Church. his wife was buried there also; 
graves unmarked.

HUNTER, WILLIAM M. (p.149): (1) He was Captain of the militia in the 270th 
district of Camden County, June 10, 1825, to Aug.. 2, 1826. (2) The son, 
Richard Hunter, married Susan Matilda Tuten in Hamilton Co. Fla., July 10, 
1852; they moved after the war to LaFayette Co. Fla., where he died Aug. 
10, 1900. Richard's widow in her Confederate pension application, gave his 
name as Richard H. Hunter and it so appears in the 1860 Census of Hamilton 
County; but his name appears as Richard W. Hunter in his parent's old Bible 

HUNTER, DAVID. Add to the list of children a daughter, Rebecca Jane, 
married Hiram Hunter (son of Elisha).

HUNTER, MILES. (p.222): (I st) The statement made on the third line of this 
sketch that his paternal grandfather was William Miles, should have read " 
maternal grandfather" instead of "paternal grandfather". (2) Miles Hunter 
was granted 287 1/2 acres of bounty land in Washington in 1784 (see p.219, 
Knight's Georgia Roster of the Revolution). (3) Other grants of land made 
to him by the State of Georgia were 100 acres in Effingham county in 1795, 
and 100 acres in Liberty County in 1793. The Effingham land had been 
surveyed for him before he left that county but the grant was not made to 
him until later.

HUNTER, DAVID - VOL.VI: The children, James, Staten, and Georgia listed in 
this sketch were not the children of David Hunter. They were the children 
of George Washington Hunter and Susannah Padgett Hunter. George W. Hunter 
was a son of David and Susannah was a daughter of James T. Padgett (Vol.V).

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