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William Miles Hunter was born in Effingham County, Georgia, Oct. 21, 1793, 
son of Miles Hunter and his wife Mary Knight Hunter. The latter was a 
sister to Elder William A. Knight of Berrien County, Ga., (Vol. I). The 
family moved to McIntosh County, Ga., soon after the birth of the subject, 
and the elder Hunter died there about 1797; the mother, Mrs. Mary Knight 
Hunter, and her two children, Win. M., and Rachel, moved across the 
Altamaha into Wayne County where her brother, Wm. A. Knight, had moved and 
was living; that was in 1810 or 1811. William M. Hunter was married in 
Wayne County, Sept. 23, 1812, to Catherine A., born in South Carolina, Aug. 
29, 1795, daughter of Richard Roberts, R. S., who at the time was living in 
Camden County evidently near the Wayne County line. To Wm. M. Hunter and 
his wife Catherine, were born eleven children, viz:

1. Nancy A.	b. Aug. 30, 1813, m. Perry G. Wall; died 1845.
2. William M.	b. May 25, 1816, m. Mrs. Rachel Knight-Hatcher, widow of 
Moses, and dau. of 			Thomas Knight (Ist c.).
3. Henry J.	b. March 2, 1818, prob died young.
4. Catherine B.	b. Jan. 10, 1820, m. Thomas J. Stewart.
5. Mary E.	b. March 22, 1823, m. Samuel Knight, son of Thomas (Ist c.).
6. Sarah M.	b. Nov. 29, 1824, m. Thomas Knight, son of Thomas (Ist c.).
7. Elizabeth	b. Sept. 6, 1826, m. John Pearson.
8. miles W.	b. Oct. 18, 1829, prob. died young.
9. Richard W.	b. July 22, 1832, m. Matilda Tuten, dau. of John.
10. James	b. Sept. 26, 1834, m. Ist, Mary Hendry, dau. of James N.; 2nd. 
Mary Altman, dau. of
	Thomas of Hamilton Co., Fla.
11. Eliza Harriet	b. Aug. 20, 1839, m. Ist. Henry M. Cason, Oct. 10, 1855; 
2nd. Daniel B. Richardson, Jan. 17, 1868.

Mr. Hunter was an early Sheriff of Wayne County, serving two years, 
1814-1815. He was also Justice of Peace in the 270th district, same county, 
being commissioned April 24, 1824, and serving until his removal the next 
year to Hamilton County, Fla. After removal to Florida, he served on the 
"Legislative Council" from Hamilton County in the territorial legislature 
inl835-1836. He and his wife died at Jasper, and were buried in the 
cemetery there.
William M. Hunter is shown in the 1820 Census living in Camden County but 
it is likely that this was a temporary residence there, occasioned by 
change in countylines, since he was Justice of Peace in Wayne afterwards as 
above stated. The portion of Wayne he lived in now is in Brantley County.
He and his son, Wm. M., Jr., were privates under Capt. Peter W. Law in 13th 
Regiment, Florida militia, June 15 to Oct. 15, 1336, in the Florida Indian 


Hardy Hunter was born in South Carolina in 1804, a son of Hardy Hunter. The 
family removed to Georgia soon after the birth of the subject, and he grew 
up in Laurens County. He came to Irwin County a young unmarried man, 
whither three of his married brothers had already located, and was married 
there Dec. 16, 1832, to Mary ("Pollie") McCall, daughter of Jehu McCall. 
She was born in Telfair County in 1812. Ten children were born to this 

1. Ephriam	b. 1834, m. Elizabeth Taylor, Jan. 27, 1859.
2. John C. B.	b. 1836, m. Mary A. E. Dorminy, Jan. 29, 1860, dau. of John 
3. Elizabeth	b. 1838, never married.
4. David J.	b. 1840, never married.
5. Hardy E.	b. 1844, m. Nancy E. Moore, July 11, 1861.
6. Mary Ann	b. 1846, m. Columbus C. Mixon.
7. Louisa	b. 1847, Prob. died young.
8. Thomas M.	b. 1851, m. Elimma Griffin.
9. George W. L.	b. 1854, m. Mary Coleman.
10. Isabelle J.	b. 1856, m. George Handley.

Mr. Hunter lived in the 1st Land District of Irwin County in the portion 
now in Ben Hill County. He died at his home there about 1864. He served as 
2nd Lieutenant in the 433rd district, Irwin County militia, 1838-1850.


Elijah Hunter was born in this state in 1791. He was married in Telfair 
County, July 27, 1817, to Penelope Cox, born 1801 in Georgia. They had the 
following children:

1. Redding F.	b. 1818,	m. Malinda Tucker, dau. of Davis Tucker, Oct. 26, 
2. Eliza J.	b. 1820, m. Samuel Goff, Nov. 1, 1839.
3. Elizabeth	b. 1822, m. William Goff, Aug. 24, 1837.
4. David Edwards	b. 1825, m. Eliza McCall, dau. of Jehu.
5. George	b. 1830, m. Mary Ryals.
6. Hardy E.	b. 1834, m. Catherine E. Jones, Sept. 28, 1854, dau. of Samuel. 
Died in C.S. Army.
7. Elisha	b. 1838, m. Susan Akins, dau. of William.
8. Hezekiah	b. 1841, m. 1st. Miranza Turner, Oct. 23, 1859, dau. of Jos. 
A.; 2nd. Elizabeth Player, Dec.10, 1865.
9. Sophronia	b. 1845, m. Holliday Moore, Jan. 22, 1861.

Mr. Hunter served in the War of 1812 in the militia detachment stationed in 
August, 1814, at Fort Mitchell, Pulaski County, on the Ocmulgee River. He 
became one of the first settlers of the new county of Irwin and is shown 
there in the 1820 census. His home was in the 3rd land district of Irwin 
Mr. Hunter and wife were members of Ozias Baptist Church in Irwin (now 
Wilcox) County. They were charter mcnibers when the church was constituted 
July 14, 1832. He was later ordained a deacon and served until his death, 
Dec. 15, 1853. His widow died in 1860. They were buried at Ozias Church. 
The sons, Redding F., and David E. Hunter were administrators of his 
estate, being appointed in April, 1854.


Miles Hunter, a Revolutionary Soldier, was born about 1762-3 in St. 
George's Parish, Georgia, a son of John Hunter, a Colonial settler of old 
Wrightsborough. His paternal grandfather was William Miles, also a Colonial 
settler of same township. He (the subject) was a private in the Georgia 
Line in the Revolutionary War (auth: Smith's "The Story of Georgia"). He 
married about 1790, Mary Knight, born about 1770 in South Carolina, a 
daughter of John Knight, R.S., and sister of Rev. Wm. A. Knight (Vol.I) and 
others. They had only two known children, viz:

1. Rachel	b. 1791, m. 1st. John Johnston; 2nd. William Burney.
2. William Miles	b. 1793, m. Catherine Roberts, dau. of Richard. Sept. 23, 

Not long after marriage this family moved from Effingham County and settled 
in that portion of Liberty County made into McIntosh County in 1793. There, 
Miles Hunter died about 1797 at the young age of about 35 years. His widow 
was married Oct. 14, 1798, to John Stewart, and a few years later while 
Wayne County was being settled up, they moved there. The administration of 
the Hunter estate was granted to John Knight, the father-in-law, and John 
Stewart, the second husband of the widow, and in 1810 was transferred to 
Wayne County. Mr. Stewart was appointed in Wayne County March 4, 1811, as 
guardian for the daughter, Rachel Hunter, a minor.

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