Re: Re: Huguenots of the South - Melba Clark
Subject: Re: Re: Huguenots of the South
From: Melba Clark
Date: February 21, 2001

I couldn't get it to open using that URL.   Please forward it to me if you
don't mind.

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Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: Re: Huguenots of the South

I finally got the booklet "Huguenots of the South".  Thanks,
>it was misspelled but even when I corrected it, it would not
>come up.  Finally realized I had a portion of it in Favorites and
>brought it up with that.
>For any who need the address (and I had several requests)
>here it is: aker.genealogy./com/users/s/i/m/John J. Simons-iii/index.html.
>If you have a problem, let me know and I will
>try again to forward it to some of you.

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