Huguenots of Colonial SC - Barrancas
Subject: Huguenots of Colonial SC
From: Barrancas
Date: September 24, 1998

Steven J. Coker has been supplying spectacular information about Huguenots and
I read thru each post.  As yet I haven't discovered my (most probably
Huguenot) fellow.  

Does any of your information have the surname D'ALEMBERTE?  I have not
discovered his parents.  My William D. D'ALEMBERTE was born about 1820 in VA
but his parents could have lived any place, to include SC.

I have located Jean Le Rond d'ALEMBERT born 1717 in Paris, France.  True, this
is 100 years prior but my William D. D'ALEMBERTE could be of this same line.

In many census and other records I've found my family listed as Alemberte with
the first "D" either left off or written as the middle name initial.

thanks, barrancas
[email protected]

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