Re: Huguenots in SC - Cheryl Crowder
Subject: Re: Huguenots in SC
From: Cheryl Crowder
Date: April 22, 1999

Can you tell me how to get the Huguenot Journal?
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Date: Thursday, April 22, 1999 5:57 PM
Subject: Re: Huguenots in SC

I'n not sure, but believe this is just commonly referred to as "The List".
>It has been published twice in the Huguenot Journal.  I referred to it in
>getting the S.C. Historical Society's Gillinault (sp.?) scholarship for my
>grandson.  Felicia Gourdin  (one branch of the Gourdins intermarried with
>the Gaillards)
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>From: Cheryl Crowder 
>To: [email protected] 
>Date: Thursday, April 22, 1999 7:34 PM
>Subject: Huguenots in SC
Has anyone heard of this publication, "Gaillard List of Huguenots of SC"
Thomas Gaillard, Esq. of Mobile, AL, finished in 1848?  It contains
that has since been destroyed so may be a good resource to acquire.


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