Re: Huguenots - ANNE W WALLACE
Subject: Re: Huguenots
Date: September 16, 1998

Dear Cyndi,
Others may know more about this, but the information that I have is this:
Reverend Giessendanner pastored a settlement in the Orangeburgh, SC area
made up of German-Swiss immigrants.  He kept marriage, birth, and death
records of the families and a record of the church proceedings.  These
records come from around the 1750s. If you are interested in certain
families, check out the web page for the German-Swiss Society of Orangeburgh
at    The information has been helpful and
interesting to me.

Anne Wiggins Wallace
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Subject: Re: Huguenots

Tell me about the Gissendanner book? It's a new one for me...
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