Re: Huguenot Society of SC, No.1, p.7-11 - Jean-Benedict de SAUSSURE
Subject: Re: Huguenot Society of SC, No.1, p.7-11
From: Jean-Benedict de SAUSSURE
Date: August 29, 1998

On Sam 29 aoŻ 1998, Steven J. Coker  wrote:

and, whereas, in South Carolina, there were three
>original Huguenot settlements, to wit, that at Charleston, 1680-1690, that at
>Purysburg, 1730, and that at New Bordeaux, Abbeville, 1764

First, thank you VERY MUCH, Steve, for those gems. I din't know that the
Huguenot Society was founded by Gen. W.G. de Saussure. I am glad that my
son Julien de Saussure spend his summer holidays doing translation of
French documents for them. We will meet him on Tueday in Paris airport
and he sure will tell us a lot about his vision of SC past and present.

Second, I am very glad to learn that our emigre, Henri de SAUSSURE, went
to Purysburg in 1730. Where can I learn more on this settlement? 


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