Huguenot Society of SC, No.1, p.1-7 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Huguenot Society of SC, No.1, p.1-7
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 28, 1998

No. 1.
Published by Order of the Society.
Charleston, S.C.
Walker Evans & Gogswell Co., Printers,
3 and 5 Broad and 117 East Bay Streets.

At the Anniversary Meeting of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, held April
13th, 1889, the following resolution was adopted:

Resolved, That the Executive Committee be authorized and directed to prepare for
publication and distribution to members, so much of the proceedings of the
Society, from its organization to this time, as they may deem important. The
pamphlet so published, to constitute the first part of the transactions of this

In accordance with this resolution, the Executive Committee present the
following papers containing some account of the origin of the Society, and such
proceedings as they deem of interest to the members.

          OF THE


                            THE HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF AMERICA,
                                   HON. JOHN JAY, PRESIDENT,
                                          191 Second Avenue.

                            REV. A. V. WITTMEYER, Secretary,
                                       222 WEST 21ST STREET.

                               MOREY HALE BARTOW, Treasurer,
                                         31 AND 32 PARK ROW.


                             New York City, Feb. 10th, 1885.

Gen. W. G. DeSaussure, Charleston, S. C.:

    DEAR SIR: - On Thursday, the twenty-second day of Octobea, 1885, will occur
the two hundredth anniversary of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

    The descendants of Huguenots in every country of Europe, including France
itself, will commemorate that day by appropriate meetings, addresses and

    The Huguenot Society of America, formed in 1883, to bring together the
descendants of Huguenots in the United States, and to perpetuate the history and
memory of the sufferings, and virtues and heroism of their, ancestors, will also
commemorate this important historical event. A general meeting of its members
and others of Huguenot descent, will be held in the city of New York, on the 22d
day of October next, at which  an address will be delivered by Professor Henry
M. Baird, the author of the "History of the Rise of the Huguenots in France,"
with appropriate speeches or papers by other gentlemen.

    The Society cordially invites all of Huguenot lineage throughout our country
to unite with its members in this commemoration, which it desires to mark with
more than usual solemnity. And it also cordially invites and requests them to
join with the Society in forming a representative General Committee of gentlemen
of French Protestant descent, under the sanction of which the proceedings shall
be held. Gentlemen whose residences may be too distant, or who, from any cause,
may be unable to attend, can favor the Society with their approval and their
names, and all who become members of the General Committee can cast their vote
by written proxy, if they so desire. The General Committee on the commemoration,
will appoint from its own members, a subcommittee of arrangements, who will
perform the active duties that way be necessary. It is desired that the General
Committee consist of eighteen members of the Society to be appointed by its
President, Mr. Jay, and two gentlemen from each of the original Huguenot
settlements in America, fourteen in number, namely, New York City, Staten
Island, Long Island, New Rochelle, New Paltz, Boston, New Oxford, Narragansett,
Maine, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida, who may be
willing to serve upon it, thus making the whole number, forty-six.

    The undersigned lay before you this plan of the proposed commemoration. Will
you be willing to unite in it, and serve on the General Committee in the manner
indicated? And will you kindly name two or three gentlemen in your vicinity as
you may think, will be interested in the matter, and be willing to serve in a
similar capacity? The general expenses in New York of holding the meeting will
be met by the Society.

    An early reply to the Secretary will greatly oblige the Executive Committee.

           Yours very truly,

                      Edward F. DeLancy,
                            Vice-President for New York.

A. V. WITTMEYER, Secretary,
           Special Committee on Correspondence.


                   CHARLESTON, SO. CA., 17th February, 1885.

        Secretary of the Huguenot Society of America,
                               222 West 21 Street, New York:

DEAR SIR: Your circular of 10th inst. relative to the commemoration of the 200th
anniversary of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, has been received.

    As Huguenot descendants, we naturally feel a deep interest in all which
relates to the Huguenots, and we desire to connect ourselves with a Society
designed to collect and perpetuate the events connected with the emigration of
our forefathers. We will, therefore, be glad to have ourselves enrolled as
members, and to co-operate, so far as is in our ability, towards this pious
work. And will be obliged if you will inform us how we should proceed for the
purpose of being so enrolled as members.

As regards the particular object of your circular, we are but representatives of
two Huguenot families, and feel that if we consented to be members of the
proposed Committee without consultation with other Huguenot descendants of South
Carolina, we would appear to arrogate to ourselves to be the sole
representatives of the Huguenots. We therefore propose, if it meets the approval
of the Special Committee on Correspondence, to call a meeting of several of the
Huguenot families here, and ask that the meeting should designate two who may
serve as the proposed Committee. Before doing so, however, we desire to know
whether our proposed plan will meet the approval of the Special Committee on
Correspondence, and therefore, request you to inform us of the Committee's views
on this point.

    There is among us an incorporated organization of a French Protestant
Church, currently called the Huguenot Church, and in matters connected with the
Huguenots, we are accustomed to place the President of that Corporation
prominently forward as the representative of what relates to the Huguenots of
South Carolina, because of his official position.

    Mr. Robert N. Gourdin, of Charleston, is the present President, and at such
proposed meeting he would almost certainly be designated an one of the
Committee. Apart from his official position, Mr. Gourdin is zealous in his
interest in all that pertains to the Huguenots, and no man stands higher in the
estimation of our community.
  We are, dear sir, with much respect, your obt. servt's,
                                       WILMOT G. DESAUSSURE.
                                             DANIEL RAVENEL.

                           NEW YORK CITY, February 24, 1885.

   Messrs. Wilmot G. DeSaussure and Daniel Ravenel, Charleston, South Carolina:

    GENTLEMEN: It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge your letter of the 17th
inst., and to assure you that the Committee on Correspondence heartily approve
the plan which you propose for the selection of two delegates to represent South
Carolina on the General Committee of Arrangements. It is indeed the only proper
plan to adopt under the circumstances, and this Society will gladly accept the
names which the proposed meeting may select. If you will kindly see, therefore,
that the names and addresses of the delegates so chosen, be sent to me, I will
communicate them to President Jay, who will formally place them on the

It affords the Special Committee peculiar pleasure to hear of your individual
desire to become members of this Huguenot Society. Charleston is so important a
Huguenot centre, and DeSaussure and Ravenel are names so prominently connected
with it, that we cannot but feel a special satisfaction in welcoming you as
fellow-members. I send you, therefore, by the same mail, 1st, several copies of
our constitution and by-laws; and 2nd, several forms for application for
membership. Please fill out "Form No. I." (Form No. 2 is simply sent in case you
might want it for some one else), and then return them to me. I shall at once
lay them before the Executive Committee, and then before the Society.

   I have the honor to be very faithfully yours,
                                       A. V. WITTMEYER,

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