Huguenot Church in St. John's Parish - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Huguenot Church in St. John's Parish
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: September 13, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina
No. 5.  pp 62-63, Charleston, South Carolina,  1897.
Press of Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co.


   Few memorials have been sent to the writer in reference to the Huguenot
Church on St. John's Berkeley. About ten (10) families of the refugees were
located at an early period on the west bank of the western branch of the Cooper
river. They there built a small Church, and their Minister, Mr. Tuillard,
officiated as the pastor until his death, about the year 1712. [1]
   The congregation after that event was dissolved and the several members
became united with the established Church of the Province.
   Humphreys in his account of missionaries sent to Carolina informs us that Mr.
Tuillard offered Mr. Manley, the Episcopal Missionary in 1707, the use of his
Church, which he accepted and preached often there - and such of the French as
understood English went to hear him. About the year 1710, the English began to
build a Church of which the interior was not completed until 1711. We have no
record of the names of the first Huguenot settlers on the western branch of
Cooper river, but at subsequent periods we find in the Provincial Statutes
frequent insertions of names, either of the first settlers or of their immediate
descendants. In the Act of 1704-5, Peter Jacob Guerard is mentioned as a
resident in St. John's, Berkeley. In 1704 Philip Trouillart, La Salle and
others. In 1712 Antony Bonneau. In 1716 Paul Le Bosse, Gabriel Marion, etc. In
private and public records antecedent to the latter year we find the several
names of Cordes, Derousserie, De St. Julien, Ravenel, Verditty and others.

1 His recorded will is dated 19th March, and proved 24th April, 1712.  Humphrey.

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