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Henry Hansford was born in 1822 in Barnwell District, S.C., a son of Jacob 
Hughes (Vol.l.) He was married in 1842 to Irene Shaw, born 1826, daughter 
of Jeremiah Shaw (Vol.ll). They had seven children:

1. Rachel E.	b. 1843, m. Samuel Griner (Vol. lll).
2. Thomas	b. 1845, m. Rebecca Wetherington, dau. of Benj. Moved to Marion 
Co., Fla.
3. Mary	b. 1848, never married.
4. Nancy	b. 1851, m. Richard M. Tucker (2nd wife).
5. William Hansford	b. 1853, m. Arkansas Cook, dau. of Elijah.
6. Millard Fillmore	b. 1861, m. Nancy Hendley, dau. of John.
7. Missouri	b. 1863, m. John Boyd, son of David.

Mr. Hughes enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1862, and was killed in 
battle, but the details of his service have not been learned. He lived in 
Lowndes County until Berrien County was created 1856, when he was included 
in it. His widow died about 1889, and was buried at Union Church; grave 


Isham Hughes was born in South Carolina in 1804. He came a young unmarried 
man to Appling County where he met and married Leacy, daughter of John 
Sellars and wife Jane. She was born 1815 in Tattnall County. They had ten 
children, viz:

1. John 	b. 1834, m. Nancy Steedley, dau. of Wm. E.
2. William	b. 1836, m. Hansen Yeomans, dau. of Levi.
3. Samuel	b. 1838, m. Jane Stokes.
4. Elijah	b. 1840, m. (unknown).
5. Isham	b. 1842, m. Mary Pittman, Mar. 5, 1879, Ware 	Co., dau. of John B.
6. Millender	b. 1844. m. Frances Marchant, dau. of Jacob.
7. Mary	b. 1846, m. John Spell.
8. Elizabeth	b. 1848, m. Willie Stone.
9. Sarah	b. 1849, m. Joseph Livingston.
10. Nancy	b. 1852, m. Rev. David Steedley.

Isham Hughes died in 1890 in Appling County, and his wife died 1894.


Norman Hughes was born in Robeson County, N. C., March 10, 1817, youngest 
son of Duncan and Mary Hughes, natives of Scotland. Duncan Hughes is listed 
in Robeson Co. N. C., Census for 1790, 1800, 1810 and 1820, and by 1830 had 
moved to Montgomery County, Ga., where Norman grew to manhood. The subject 
was married Nov. 10, 1853, to Elizabeth M. Parrish, born March 3, 1830, in 
Lowndes (now Cook) County, daughter of Robert N. Parrish (Vol.III). They 
had eight children, viz:

1. John J.	b. Dec. 16, 1854, m. Elizabeth Mims. Died Feb. 20, 1884.
2. Sarah Etta	b. March 7, 1356, died single April 20, 1932.
3. Robert Duncan	b. Aug. 1, 1858, died April 12 1871.
4. Mozell Valdosta	b. Aug. 30, 1860, m. John Thomas Smith, Dec. 18, 1881.
5. Imogene	b. Feb. 1. 1863, died Feb. 1871.
6. Nancy E.	b. Jan. 21, 1865, m. Andrew Shaw.
7. Hiram Angus	b. Feb. 3, 1867, died Oct. 24. 1869.
8. Rose Irene	b. Oct. 27, 1869, died single Jan. 11, 1907.

Norman Hughes came as a young unmarried man to Lowndes County and was 
married there. In 1856 he and his family were included in Berrien County 
when it was formed out of Lowndes, living in the portion made into Cook 
county 1918. Mr. Hughes died there July 6, 1901, and his wife died in Jan. 
Please consult the section in each volume entitled "Additions and 
Corrections" when using these books. Additions and corrections are listed 
alphabetically as to each volume. and are reflected in the index in the 
volume in which same appears. The bits of data in these "Additions and 
Corrections", were discovered by the Compiler or furnished him too late to 
be shown in the main sketches.

HUGHES, JACOB (pp. 139-140): (1st) Mr. Hughes had two children by the first 
wife, instead of only one. These two were William and Lucretia. The first 
wife died in 1819 and not "about 1814". (2nd) Add to Census References: 
1810, Barnwell County, S. C.; 1870, Echols County, widow only. (3rd) Mrs. 
Olive Dame Peterson, daughter of Mrs. Lillie Hughes Dame of Fort Pierce, 
Fla., became the first descendant of William Hughes, R. S., to be admitted 
on his service as a member of the D.A.R. She is a member of John Floyd 
Chapter, D.A.R., and her National Number is 409289, admitted June 10, 1952.

HUGHES, JACOB (p. 139): (1) His daughter, Pollie, married William S. 
Peters, son of William (Vol. 1). (2) Mr. Hughes served as a deacon in Union 
Church from the date of his ordination June 13, 1841, until his death.

HUGHES, JACOB (p.139): The son, Elbert Hughes, enlisted April 2, 1862, as a 
private in Co. "D", 50th Georgia Volunteer Regiment, a Lowndes County 
company in the Confederate Army. He was wounded in battle at Crampton's 
Gap, -Md., Sept. 14, 1862, and died soon afterwards of his wounds, 
according to his company's roll.

HUGHES, HENRY H. (p.149): (1) The tombstone on his grave in Empire Church 
cemetery, Lanier County, shows he was born April 11, 1830, died July 6, 
1919. His son, William Hansford Hughes, was buried by him. The date of 
birth on the tombstone would make him only 13 years old when his first 
child was born! (2) The statement made that Mr. Hughes died in the 
Confederate Army, was based on information given the Compiler by grandsons, 
and also shown in the unpublished collections of the late W. Henry Griffin, 
Berrien County historian. The tombstone would make this all wrong, stating 
he did not die until 1919. The Compiler cannot determine what company and 
regiment he served in the Confederate Army.

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