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HUGHES, Jacob	1786-1852  LOWNDES

JACOB HUGHES was the ancestor of a large family of the name in Clinch, 
Echols and Berrien counties of today.  He was born in South Carolina, in 
1786, son of William Hughes, R.S., of Barnwell County.  He grew up there 
and both of his marriages occurred there.  He was first married to Miss 
Margaret Rentz, daughter of Simon Rentz and a granddaughter of George 
Rentz, a Revolutionary soldier.  She was born in Barnwell County in 1794, 
and did not live long after her first child was born.  The child was a son 
named William, born September 5, 1812.  After her death about 1814, Mr. 
Hughes married Miss Elizabeth Chitty, born 1803, in Barnwell County.  All 
of the children in the following list were by her except, of course, the 
first-named one:

1. William	b, 1812, m. (1) Nancy Hutto (2) Ellen Rice.
2. Lucretia	b. 1819, m. Darley Valentine. Moved to Echols Co., Georgia.
3. Henry Hansford 	b. 1822, m. Irene Shaw, daughter of Jeremiah.
4. Polly	b. 1826, unidentified.
5. Caroline	b. 1828, m. Jackson J. Shaw.
6. James Thomas	b. 1830, m. (1) Mary Lightsey. daughter of Samuel (2) 
Frances Thompson of Echols Co., daughter of Seaborn.
7. Esther	b. 1832, m. Peter Rentz.
8. Allen	b 1836, died single about 1855.
9. George	b: 1838, died single, July, 1861, in Co. II, 12th Georgia. C.S.A.
10. Perry	b 1841, died single in C.S.A.
11. Elbert	b. 1843, died single in C.S.A.

In 1838 Mr. Hughes and his family moved to Lowndes County, Georgia, and 
settled about two miles north of where Valdosta now is, on a place still 
known in late years as the Hughes place.  He died there in 1852.  He died 
and left a will, but the records of Lowndes County for that period being 
lost, nothing now is known about its contents.  James M. Chitty, a brother 
of the widow, applied April 24, 1852, for letters of administration with 
the will annexed, and was appointed in June 1852.
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes were both members of Union Primitive Baptist Church. 
 They were received December 8, 1838, by letter from Bethsaida Baptist 
Church, Barnwell District, South Carolina, and died members. Received at 
the same time and in the same manner were William Hughes, their son and 
their daughter, Lucretia, who at the time was unmarried.  The church letter 
of the son, William, referred to him as William, Jr.  William Hughes, 
father of Jacob, served in Brandon's regiment of the South Carolina militia 
in the Revolutionary War.

Census References: Lowndes, 1840, 1850.


William Hughes was born in Barnwell County, South Carolina September 5, 
1812, a son of Jacob Hughes (see Vol. 1).  He was the only child of his 
father by his first wife, Margaret Rentz.  He came to Georgia with his 
father and family when he was about grown, and was married June 18, 1842, 
to Miss Nancy Hutto.  She was a native of the same county, Barnwell, and 
was born there in 1816, being one of the two children of Isaac Hutto and 
his wife Sarah Delk.  ^She died when she was ten years old^, and her mother 
later married William Touchston and they moved to Lowndes County, about the 
same time that the Hughes family moved.  Mrs. Nancy Hutto Hughes died April 
16, 1873.  To her and William Hughes were born:

1. Isaac Hutto	b. May 8, 1843, died in C.S.A., unmarried.
2. James H.	b. April 4, 1845, m. Phoebe Rice January 12, 1871.
3. Sarah M.	b. January 22, 1847, m. James Brown March 9, 1865.
4. Francis Marion	b. September 28, 1849, m. Jane Rice.
5. Rachel E.	b. September 28, 1849, m. Guilford A. Register 1866.
6. John Jasper	b. November 10, 1850, m. Lucretia Rice.
7. Jeptha	b. September 23, 1852, m. Catherine Gibbs July 4, 1874.
8. Mary A.	b. February 25, 1854, m. D. D. Fiveash December 29, 1870.
9. Mathew Henry	b. November 1, 1855, m. Sarah Tomlinson February 9, 1882.
10. Frances	b. May 4, 1858, m. Artemus Rice July 15, 1874.
11. Charles B.	b. August 27, 1859, m. Leatie O'Quinn March 15, 1891.

The aforesaid Phoebe, Jane, Lucretia and Artemus Rice were children of John 
Guest Rice and his wife Ellen Sellars Rice.  About 1877 the latter, who was 
a widow at the time, became the second wife of William Hughes, and they 
lived together until their deaths.
Mr. Hughes' first home after marriage was in Ware, now Clinch County, on 
Lot No. 519, 7th district.  He lived here until about 1860 when he sold out 
and moved a few miles west to Lot 477, same district, which he bought and 
improved.  He made his home there until September 1867, when he swapped 
lands with John L. Courson and moved to the Courson farm on Lot 297, 12th 
district, which was the Hughes home until his death.
On the afternoon of November 6, 1889, Mr. Hughes and his wife, both old and 
living alone, were attacked by three Negroes, murdered, and robbed.  Their 
bodies were found a few hours later by members of the family when they 
called for an evening visit.  The Negroes were apprehended.  One of them 
was shot to death resisting arrest, the other two confessed and were tried 
and convicted in an orderly manner, and were hung.
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes were buried at the North Cemetery two miles north of 
Dupont.  His first wife was buried at Prospect Church.
Mr. Hughes was received by letter December 8, 1838 into Union Primitive 
Baptist Church from Bethsaida Church in Barnwell District, South Carolina, 
as shown by the minutes of Union Church.  He later became a charter member 
of Bethany Church in Ware, now Clinch County, in 1847, then a charter 
member of Prospect Church, January 22,1859, it being much nearer his home. 
 On April 11, 1885, he was dismissed by letter from Prospect Church, and 
became a charter member of Olive Leaf Church which was much nearer his home 
at that time.  His first wife was baptized August 8, 1863 into the 
membership of Prospect Church and died a member ten years later.

Census References:  1850, Ware (actually, Clinch); 1860, 1870, Clinch.


James Thomas Hughes was born in Barnwell District, S. C., in 1831, a son of 
Jacob Hughes (Vol. 1). He came to Lowndes County in boyhood with his 
parents, and was married there about 1851 to Mary Lightsey, born 1832 in 
Barnwell District, S. C., daughter of Samuel Lightsey (Vol. I). To them 
were born seven children:

1. John Perry	b. 1852, m. MaryAnn Herndon, dau. of Isham.
2. James Madison	b. 1854, m. Ist. Polly Ann DeLoach, dau. of Riley; 2nd. 
Martha Carter.
3. Francis Marion	b. 1857, m. Nanny Thompson.
4. George Washington 	b. 1859, m. Nancy DeLoach, dau. of Rowan.
5. Georgia	b. 1861, prob. died young.
6. Susannah	b. 1863, m. C. C. Carter.
7. James	b. 1866, m. Lavinia DeLoach, dau. of Rowan.

Mrs. Mary Hughes died about 1880, and Mr. Hughes then married Miss Frances 
Thompson of Echols County, by whom he had one son, John, married Arrie 
Goins, and who moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.
Mr. Hughes served in the Confederate Army in Co. "D", 50th Georgia Vol. 
Inf. Regiment. He lost an arm at Salem Church, Va., in the battle there, 
May 3, 1863, and was honorably discharged and returned home. He served as 
County Treasurer of Echols County, 1873-1875 and again 1891-1893. He died 
at his home in western part of Echols County in 1896.

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