HUGHES, ABRAHAM, 1807 S.C. - Marg81036
Subject: HUGHES, ABRAHAM, 1807 S.C.
From: Marg81036
Date: March 31, 1998

I don't know if my first message got through or not so I will repeat it. I am
searching for my gggrandfather Abraham Hughes, b. 1807 in S.C. I would like to
find his parents. Abraham was later found in 1821 in Rhea Co Tn. He
firstmarried Mary Lea in 1821 then in 1828 he married Easther Reasor. They had
10 children. I have all their names and ages. The Hughes went on to Tx by way
of Mo. They lived and died in Dallas Co. My father is 90 now and I would very
much like to find Abraham's parents and where he was borned. anyone out there
help with this line?

                                               Thanks, Marjorie Hughes Gray

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