Hughes Family of PA, SC, TN, AL & MS. Also: FOX & FINNELL. - Helen J. Lusk
Subject: Hughes Family of PA, SC, TN, AL & MS. Also: FOX & FINNELL.
From: Helen J. Lusk
Date: June 11, 2000

Hughes Family of PA, SC, TN, AL & MS.  Also: FOX & FINNELL.

Jesse HUGHES (1788-1858) was born in South Carolina, probably in Laurens
Co., SC.  About 1812, he married Dorcus JOHNSON (1792-1856).  They were
probably married in South Carolina as well.  About 1815, Jesse, Dorcus &
their young family migrated to Cocke Co., TN, where they resided for
about 5 years.  About 1820, Jesse, Dorcus & family migrated to Tuscaloosa
Co., AL.  Prior to 1850, the Hughes family migrated to Choctaw Co., MS,
as they show up on the 1850 Federal Census there.  Jesse HUGHES & Dorcus
Johnson had at least 11 children.

Jesse HUGHES was the son of John HUGHES (1750-1803) & Elizabeth.  John
HUGHES died in Laurens Co., SC.  Jesse HUGHES was the grandson of Richard
HUGHES (1710-1783) & Mary.  Richard HUGHES owned land in Union Co., SC,
on the Broad River. Currently, beyond Richard HUGHES, no
ancestors have been documented yet.  There is some possible evidence of
connections to Pennsylvania.  Also, it is alleged that the HUGHES family
migrated from Wales.


1. Mary Ann Caroline HUGHES (1811-1896) married 1st: Leroy FINNELL & 2nd:
Jacob FOX.
2. Joseph HUGHES (1813-1829).  Died at about the age of 16.
3. Daniel HUGHES (1815-1859) married Charlotte BELL. * See descendants
4. Ann HUGHES (1817-1850) married Malachi FOX.
5. Sarah HUGHES (1816-1862) married Henry FOX.
6. Unity HUGHES (1821-1890) married James Milton MILLS.
7. Elizabeth HUGHES (1823 til ?) married Pascal P. McGUIRE.
8. Gracey HUGHES (1826-1865) married Thomas Perry MACON.
9. Joel HUGHES (1830-1862) married Elizabeth Ann GRAY.
10. William HUGHES (1832 til ?) married Harriet MOORE.
11. Martha HUGHES (1838-1908) married Reuben D. RANSOM.


1. William Riley HUGHES (1834-1916) married Sarah Ann POOLE.
2. Mary Ann HUGHES (1836-1884) married John Lewis LANDRETH.
3. John Bell HUGHES (1838-1909) married Mary LAWLEY.
4. Joseph HUGHES (1839-1924) married Nancy Elizabeth BRYANT.
5. Jesse HUGHES (1842-1919) married Nancy SMITH.
6. Basil Manley HUGHES (1844-1937) married Martha Victory BRYANT.
7. Amelia Dorcus HUGHES (1846-1865).  Died at about the age of 19.
8. Anthony HUGHES (1848-1932) married 1st: Martha Jane SARTAIN.
9. Mary Ann HUGHES (1851-1933) married Felix Ebenezer MILLS.
10. Francis Albert HUGHES (1854-1944) married Mary FINNELL.
11. Unity Monica HUGHES (1858-1887) married James Milton MILLS.

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