HUGHES - Ginger Hederer
Subject: HUGHES
From: Ginger Hederer
Date: January 22, 2000

Hello List:
I have seen allot of activity on the HUGHES surname.  I am wondering if
anybody could give me information on my Hughes name.
Annie Margaret HUGHES b. 6 Aug 1885 Johnsonville, SC d. 19 Jan 1970
Hemingway SC she is buried at the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery.
She married Julius Dennis b. 4 Jan 1878 Florence County d. 23 Sep 1961
Johnsonville, SC he too is buried at the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery.
(I do not have the date of marriage)
There children are:
Capers Judson Dennis
Van Lee Dennis
Ida Mae Dennis
William Laurice Dennis
Rollin Dennis
Martin Dennis
Reaise Dennis
LeMauel Dennis
Eva Dee (Jake) Dennis
Loraine Dennis
Anne Frances Dennis
Eva Rolene Dennis (I think same person as above)
Fred Dennis

I have a little more information on the children but not on all of them.  I
am wondering if some of them are the same person.  Any help would be

[email protected]

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