HUGES; 1860-1900; Charleston, Orphan House - Janet Jilote
Subject: HUGES; 1860-1900; Charleston, Orphan House
From: Janet Jilote
Date: March 15, 1998

on Page 59...

John, b.c. 1856; delivered to Thomas Huges
Margaret, b.c. 1853
Martin, b.c. 1857
Nathaniel, b.c. 1876; father James K HUGES
Noel, b.c. 1889; mother Fanny R HUGES, maiden name WEST
Peter Jesse, b.c. 1878; father James K HUGES
William James, b.c. 1873; father James K HUGES

If any of these persons are of interest to you let me know. I can give
you the rest of the information for each child or children.

History and Records of the Charleston Orphan House 1860 - 1900; 
by Susan L King. 
SCMAR; 929.38 Charleston, Vol.2. 
Located in the South Carolina Historical Society, Chas, SC.

Janet Nielson Jilote

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