Huger - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Huger
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: September 24, 1998

The Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina 
By Arthur Henry Hirsch, Ph.D.
1928, Duke University Press; 1962, Archon Books

   Daniel Huger, the son of the emigrant by the same name, added to the land
wealth of his father by the purchase of 4,5641/2 acres in several tracts, paying
for them 4,693.[54] According to the inventory of his property made in 1754, he
takes rank among the richest in the province, having a large estate in land,
slaves, tools, etc. But his five sons were the best legacy he left. Daniel
Huger, the third of the name, served as delegate to the Continental Congress,
1786-88, and was a representative at the Federal Congress, 1789-93. He died in
1761, leaving an estate of 119,501.[55] There were 452 slaves, all named in the
lists. Isaac was a lieutenant in the Cherokee War and a lieutenant-colonel in
1776. In 1779 he was made a brigadier-general.[56] John, prior to the
Declaration of Independence, was a member of the Assembly and after the war,
Secretary of State in South Carolina. Benjamin was major of the First Regiment
of riflemen and a member of the Provincial Congress. Francis was a captain in
Moultrie's regiment and later a quartermaster general in the continental army.

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