Re: Re: Hugenots of the South - Kitf26
Subject: Re: Re: Hugenots of the South
From: Kitf26
Date: February 21, 2001

Libby, I tried several ways to get this for you and cannot get 
it to work.  So go to Family Tree User Pages, call up "Descendants of Antoine 
Bonneau"  or Descendants of 
Antoine Cordes"  or  "Descendants of Josias Dupre" - when 
they come up, go to the Front Page - it should say "Huguenots
of the South."  All the facets of this booklet are a great help,
it also lists many names of the early huguenots besides those
I mentioned.  There are descendancy charts for some and 
pedigrees for some (pedigrees being a little shorter).  Let me
know if you are able to pull it up, if not I will get some help 
and forward it to you.  I use it all the time. My computer 
crashed and I had to get another copy which is why I did not 
have it.


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