Hudnall Mailing list - Faye Dyess
Subject: Hudnall Mailing list
From: Faye Dyess
Date: July 29, 1998

There is a new mailing list for anyone interested in sharing information or
meeting others researching the HUDNALL surname. 

If you would like to join us, just follow the instructions given below.

Send a message to:       [email protected]

Leave the subject area blank (some people have to use quotation marks).

In the message area put only one word              subscribe

If you use a signature please turn it off

then send.

When you are subscribed you will receive a welcome message with further
Please forward this info to anyone you think might be interested in joining
I look forward to sharing information with everyone on the list.

Once you have subscribed and want to send a message to the list send it to:

                                            [email protected]

Please feel free to contact me if you need further help.  [email protected]

You may stop this list at anytime by using the word unsubscribe in the
place of subscribe.


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