From: Mrstoetoe
Date: August 03, 1998

I'm doing research on the surnames listed. I've met several dead ends. If
anyone has any connections I would more than appreciate your input. Many
thanks to the ones already who have helped me with my HUCKS -METZLER line. My
relatives teetered tottered from the NC line to the SC line.

William Pharr HUCKS B 21 Sep 1894 D 7 May 1948 Buried Hickory Grove Methodist
Church Cemetery. Married Jennie Mae FOARD 5 Aug 1917 in Newell Station.
Jennie's B 17 Dec 1891 D 1 Dec 1965 buried Sharon Memorial Park. Their
children- Willie Mae, Mary Kathleen, Rosa Jane (Jack and Jackie), Sophia
Metzler, Billy Junior (my father), and George Thomas. There were 2 boys still
born at birth. 1 in 1923 and 1 in 1928.

Robert Harrison HOWELL B 10 Jan 1898 D 4 Mar 1978  buried Sharon Presbyterian
Church Cemetery. Married Ruby Inez PRESSLEY 9 Jul 1921 in Lancaster, SC.
Inez's B 14 Feb 1905 D 13 Oct 1974 buried same place as husband. Their
children- Frankie Elizabeth, William Smiley, James David (J.D.), Horace
Hartman, Dorothy Anne (my mother), Carolyn Pressley, Gloria Maxine, Ruby
Catherine, Robert Harrison (Ruby's twin died not long after birth), and Earl

George Henderson FOARD B 7 Feb 1861 in Monroe NC. Married Mary Alice BELK 26
Feb 1891. Mary's B 11 Apr 1871 D 8 Sep 1948. Their children- Jennie Mae (my
pat.grandmother), Dessie Ashbury, Ocie Lily, George Wilson, John Franklin,
Dallas Williamson, Ida Mandy, Queen Esther, Henry Belk, Lewis Hunter, Grant
Stegal, and Wilmer E.

David Curtis HOWELL B 5 Nov 1860 D 28 Feb 1936 Buried Sharon Presbyterian
Church Cemetery. Mary Catherine BAKER B 13 Oct 1862 D 13 Feb 1940 Buried same
place as husband. Their children- Walter B., Sallie Bell, Marshall, James
Edgar, Ruby, and Robert Harrison (my mat. grandfather)

My mat. gr grandmother was Carrie BAKER PRESSLEY CRANFORD. She had married
Frank Elijah PRESSLEY (guessing around 1903 or 1904) He died around 1916 or
1917 forcing Carrie to place the children (Ruby Inez-my mat. grandmother,
Louise-crippled from birth, James, Frank and Maggie) to be placed in Barium
Springs Children Home. Carrie soon married Zack CRANFORD. They lived in
Pineville NC. Carrie is buried at Stough Memorial Church Cemetery and Zack is
buried by his first wife in Flint Hill Church Cemetery.

Thomas H HUCKS B 1860 D 1932 Buried at Hickory Grove Methodist Church
Cemetery. Married Sophia METZLER B 1865 D 23 Jun 1925 buried at the same place
as husband. Their children- Charles F, William Pharr (pat. grandfather), John,
Thomas H., Edward, Frederick, and Samuel Walter.

Any connections???
Happy Researchin'!!
Cathy Jennings Bloomington IN

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