HUCKABEE Info.......... - R. W. Hughes
Subject: HUCKABEE Info..........
From: R. W. Hughes
Date: July 18, 1998

Concerning John HUCKABEE:
Deeds show that he owned land in Halifax Co., NC in 1761; Bute Co. in
1765; Franklin Co. 1779-1782; Granville Co. 1782-1783; Wake Co. 1783 and
Moore Co. 1799-1806.
In the Will of John Huckabee dated 12 Sep 1802, probated Nov 1806, Moore
County, NC [Will Book A, pg. 247]:
"I leave my wife Jane use of plantation for her lifetime; 2 negroes Jack
and Lucy; 1 feather bed and furniture; 1 horse, 2 cows and calves.  To my
son James 1 negro boy and negro boy Jack, which I lend to my wife during
her lifetime.  To daughter Mary Utley 1 negro wench named Ledda and her
children Isaac, Anna and Fred.  To son Richard 1 negro woman Judith, 1
fellow Randal, also Ned.  To son Benjamin land where I now live, 1 negro
Bob, also Daniel, Frank and Lucy which I now lend to my wife Jane, a bay
horse now in his possession, 2 pewter plates, a pewter dish etc.  To five
grandchildren: Jane, Mary, Hamer, John and Sarah Bledsoe two hundred
dollars to be divided among them.  To son-in-law Abraham Jeffries Bledsoe
5 shillings.  To grandson Green Huckabee negro Sam.  Residue of estate to
be sold to make up $200 above, the rest to be divided between my children
James, Mary, Richard and Benjamin.  Executors: James, Richard and
Benjamin Huckabee.  Attest: Joseph Seawell, William Judd, Alexander

Concerning one of his sons, Richard HUCKABEE:
Richard served as a Representative and Senator in NC state politics for
many years.  
Will of Richard Huckabee dated 5 Aug 1833, probated Sep 1833, Cumberland
Co., NC [NC Will Book B, pg. 223]:
To my wife Mary all of my estate except as herein shown, also the estate
falling to me by the death of James Booker.  To son Henry 1 bed and
furniture. To son William Gaston 1 horse bridle and saddle.  To sons
Henry, Green, and Gaston to receive estate left to wife after her death,
to be equally divided between them.  One tract of land adj. T. Cox in
Cumberland Co. to be sold to pay my debts, also one tract of land adj
Robert Wilson, or 70 acres, to be sold as the other.  At death of my wife
property that is left to her and the increase thereof, to be equally
divided between my six children, four girls and three boys, namely:
Rebecca, Cinthy, Susanna, Mary Ann, Henry, Green, and Gaston.  Executrix:
wife Mary Huckabee.  Assisting Executor: my son-in-law Samuel Brown.

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