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John Stouten Howard was born on August 27, 1841 on a farm south of 
Glennville, in Liberty County Georgia, now Long County. He was the son of 
Jacob Howard and his wife, Martha Flowers (Vol.Vll), and a great- grandson 
of John Howard R.S. who served under General George Washington.
John was a private in the Confederate Army and surrendered on April 26, 
1865 at Greensboro, North Carolina. He married Georgia Ann Rebecca 
Wilkinson on May 22, 1872. Georgia was a daughter of Henry Wilkinson and 
his wife, Martha Smith. John and Georgia were the parents of eight 

1. Samuel	b. 1/17/1873, m. Jane Moore of Screven Co.,
	d. 2/11/1939.	b. 10/13/1875.
2. William Henry	b. 7/10/1874, m. Rene Cornelia Edge, 6/29/1898,
	d. 11/?/ 1952.	of Cedar Creek, N.C., dau. of William English Bone Edge and 
Mary Melissa 									Gilbreth.
3. David Clayton	b. 3/18/1876, 	d. 8/28/1962.
4. Thomas Lee	b. 3/27/1879,m. 1) ?? 2) Annie Lou Bryant, dau. of S. I. 
Bryant of Eatonton, Ga.
5. Mattie	b.11/8/1880.
6. Olan Smith	b. 10/3/1887.
7. Parker
8. Lawton	b. 9/15/1896.

John Stouten Howard was a farmer and lived in Long County but near 
Glenriville in Tattnall County most of his life. John died on October 9, 

HOWARD, GEORGE (p145): (1) Mr. E. 0. Parker of Washington, D. C., has 
kindly supplied the Compiler with a copy of the Jacob Howard family record 
as found in his (Jacob's) old cipher-book. It contains a record of births 
in his father's family, as well as in his own family, and shows that George 
Howard, his father, was born June 17, 1777, son of John Howard; and that 
Christina Platt, his wife, was born March 16, 1776. Their children were 
born as follows:

1. Elizabeth		b. June 10, 1798, m. Robert Middleton
2. Mary			b. Dec. 13, 1799, prob. died young
3. Jacob			b. Nov. 10, 1801, m. Ist Rebecca Moody; 2nd. Martha Flowers
4. Anna S.		b. Jan. 6, 1804, m. Ist Daniel Sullivan; 2nd R. H. Peacock.
5. Hannah B.		b. Feb. 13. 1806, m. Joshua Fletcher.
6. John H.		b. Apr. 30, 1808, prob. died young.
7. Miley			b. Oct. 31, 1810, m. Simeon Harrington.

(2) Christina, shown in Vol. IV as a daughter, is shown in the above family 
record as Jacob Howard's only child by his first wife. (3) Since Mary and 
John H. Howard were not mentioned in their mother's will it is presumed 
they were dead at the time the will was made. (4) No dates of death for any 
of the family were shown in the old record.

HOWARD, HENRY. (p.216): (1) He was a son of Simon and Chloe Howard of 
McIntosh County, formerly of Effingham County (and not of William Howard as 
stated). (2) A gift instrument on record in Appling County (Deed Book "D", 
p.315) shows Nancy and Jane Howard (listed in Vol. 5 as children) to be his 
grand-daughters; the gift consisted of cows, household goods and three 
negro girls, dated Aug. 7, 1854. (3) Simon Howard, born 1835, listed as a 
son, was actually his nephew, being a son of Simon Howard of Ware (now 
Pierce) County. (4) Henry Howard's wife Jane was not a daughter of James 
Davis but rather his sister, they being children of Arthur Davis, R.S., 

(EXTENSION OF HENRY HOWARD): (5) The daughter Jane first married John 
Millender Bennett who died in the Confederate Army at Macon in 1864. Her 
second husband was Henry Prescott. The said John Millender Bennett was son 
of William and Ann Prescott Bennett and grandson of Henry Bennett 

HOWARD, HENRY - VOL.V: (1) The son, Matthew (sometimes shown as Matthew 
A.B. Howard), was married twice. His first wife was Sarah Crawford, 
daughter of Rev. Reubin Crawford, born in 1829 and died in 1864. The second 
wife was Rachel Clark, born in 1845 and a daughter of Charles and Lydia 
Clark of Charlton County. Matthew Howard lived , for some years after his 
marriage, in Ware (now Pierce) County, but, in the 1850's, he moved to 
Charlton County. (2) Richard J. Boatright, Jr. was not married to the 
daughter, Nancy. He was married to Amy Howard who was born about 1845 and 
apparently a daughter of Simon and Amey Howard of McIntosh County (1850 
census) and Appling County (1860 census).

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