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BTW, no Donahoo or Sexton were listed. (1 Sexton, no data)


Jacob Howard was born in Barnwell Dist. S.C., Nov. 10, 1801, son of George 
Howard (Vol. IV). He was brought by his parents when he was ten years old 
to Liberty County (now Long) where he grew up and lived until his death. He 
was first married to Rebecca Moody Dec. 23, 1830.
By her only one child was born, her death occurring soon after. Jacob 
Howard married the second time, March 11, 1834, to Martha Flowers, born 
Feb. 11, 1809 in Tattnall County, daughter of Charles Flowers and his wife 
Martha Stanley Flowers. (Note: Charles Flowers, 1770-1841, was married in 
Darlington Dist. S.C., Feb. 1, 1796, to Martha Stanley, daughter of 
Shadrach Stanley, R.S., by his first wife Nancy Hall; Shadrach Stanley was 
granted bounty land by the State of Georgia, for his Revolutionary War 
services). Jacob Howard had eight children by his second wife. His nine 
children were:

1. Christina Elizabeth	b. Oct. 8, 1831, m. Bryant Smith, Jan. 2, 1851. 
Moved to Fla.
2. Jacob W. B.	b. Dec. 28, 1834, m. Jane Stafford, Sept. 18, 1458.
3. James Alfred	b. March 1, 1837, M. died Oct. 18, 1854.
4. David Clayton	b. Mar. 10, 1939, died at home Aug. 28,1862, while in C. 
S. Army.
5. John Stouten	b. Aug. 27, 1841, m. Georgia Wilkinson, Mar. 27, 1872, dau. 
of Henry of Bulloch Co.
6. Henry Jewell	b. Feb. 20, 1844, died single, Jan. 9, 1863.
7. Martha Emily	b. Apr. 29,1846, m. James 0. Easterling, May 24,1866.
8. Christopher Columbus	b. Dec. 28, 1849, m. Mary Golden, Feb. 23, 1879, 
dau. of Oliver Golden from S. C.
9. Mary Elizabeth	b. March 1, 1853, m. J. J. Barnard, Dec. 18, 1873.

Jacob Howard's nome and plantation was on U.S. Highway 301 between Ludowici 
and Glennville, in that portion of Liberty now in Long County He died there 
June 18, 1877, and his widow died Sept. 6, 1883.
They were buried in the cemetery at Jones Creek Baptist Church of which 
church they were members.
Mr. Howard was a charter member of Altamaha Lodge, No. 227, at Johnson 
Station (now Ludowici) in 1857. He was the lodge's first treasurer in 1858 
and held that office in the lodge several years. He died a member of the 


Jasper Howard was born in 1851, and was a son of Joseph H. Howard (born in 
1829) and his wife, Martha. Jasper was a grandson of Simon Howard and his 
wife, Harriet. Mr. Howard married Johanna Godbee, the daughter of Milledge 
and Catherine Heath Godbee. Their children were:

1. Russell Dixie	b. 1881, m. Lousetta Davis (1887-1934). d. 1943.
2. Miner Catherine	b. 1882, m. Isaiah Walker (1881-1962). d. 1924.
3. John Alvin	b. 1884, m. Sona Crawford (1894-????). d. 1961.
4. Arthur Zadok	b. 1885, m. Clifford Walker (1890-1969). d. 1970.
5. Martha Louise	b. 1888, m. Benjamin F. Thomas (1887-1971). d. 1959.
6. 7bie	b. 1890,  d. 1894.
7. Dolly Lucette	b. 1891, m. Lem Howard (1884-1946). d. 1962.
8. Joseph Barney	b. 1893, m. Allie E. Tompkins (1873-????).  d. 1978.
9. Sarah	b. 1896, m. Ernest King. d. 1928.
10. Robert Purdom	b. 1898, m. Martie Harris (1902-????). d. 1927.
11. Warren Dickerson	b. 1900, d. 1934.

Mr. Howard died in 1907, and Mrs. Howard died in 1915.
Contributed by: Aaron Thomas.

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