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George Howard, ancestor of the Liberty and Long County family of the name, 
was born in South Carolina in 1777, a son of John Howard, R.S. The latter 
was a veteran of the French and Indian War and was present at the surrender 
of Fort Duquense (now Pittsburg, Pa.); and he later served in the South 
Carolina militia in the Revolutionary War; he died in Barnwell District. 
George Howard married Christina, a daughter of John Platts (or Platt) of 
Barnwell District, and to them were born six children, viz:

1. Jacob	m. 1st. Rebecca Moody; 2nd. Martha Flowers.
2. Hannah	m. Joshua Fletcher.
3. Anna	m. Ist. Daniel Sullivan; 2nd. R. H. Peacock.
4. Miley	m. Simeon Herrington.
5. Elizabeth	m. Robert Middleton.
6. Christina	m. Bryant Smith.

George Howard moved with his brother, Samuel Howard, and their families, to 
Liberty (now Long) County in 1811. After living there three or four years 
Samuel moved on to Early County where he lived until his death, On moving  
 to Liberty, George bought 200 acres of land from Charles Flowers, and 
later bought another tract from John Curry and moved there, living there 
until his death in 1829. His home-place was less than a mile south of the 
present Highway 301. He and his wife are buried in unmarked graves in an 
old family burying-ground on his home-place.
Mrs. Howard died testate in 1846, Her will dated May 18, 1846, was probated 
Oct. 15, 18M, in Liberty Court of Ordinary, and devised her estate to the 
children named above, Jacob Howard and Simeon Herrington were named 


Henry Howard was born in 1793 in McIntosh County, son of William Howard. 
His wife Jane, was born 1794 in South Carolina, and was a daughter of James 
Davis and a sister of Randall John Davis (Vol.11). They had the following 

1. Mary	b. 1816, m. Alexander C. Powers.
2. Chloe	b. 1820, m. Oliver A. Waldron.
3. Matthew	b. 1825. m. Sarah --------
4. Allen B.	b. 1828, m. Susan Spence, dau. of Joshua.
5. Hester	b. 1834, m. Joseph Hiers.
6. Simon	b. 1835, m. (unknown).
7. Rutha	b. 1837, m. (unknown).
8. Henry, Jr.	b. 1839, m. Emily --------
9. Nancy	b. 1842, m. Richard J. Boatright, Jr.
10. Jane	b. 1842, m. Henry Prescott.

Henry Howard served as 2nd Lieutenant of the militia, 24th district, 
McIntosh County, 1826-1831, and as captain in same district, 1831-1835. He 
and his wife were members of Wesley Creek Baptist Church in McIntosh 
County, which they united with about 1815. He was delegate from that church 
to the Piedmont Baptist Association in 1821, 1823, and 1827. About 1835 Mr. 
Howard with his family moved to Appling County where he lived until his 
death about 1855.


Henry N. Howard was born in 1839 in Appling County, son of Henry Howard 
(Vol. V). He was married early in 1860 to Emily Woods, born 1845 in Appling 
County, daughter of Thomas Woods; she was half-sister to John M. and Geo. 
W. Allen (q.v.), having the same mother. The tombstone of the oldest 
daughter, Sarah Jane, says she was born Oct. 3, 1858, but the 1860 census 
of Pierce county shows Henry N. and Emily had no children and had been 
married within the year; and the 1870 census of Charlton county shows Sarah 
Jane was 7 years old. The nine children of Henry N. and Emily Howard were:

1. Sarah Jane	b. 1863,	m. Solomon E. O'Berry, Jan. 31, 1878.
2. Amy	b. 1866,	m. Horace Griffin.
3. Simon	b. 1868,	m. Lovey ------
4. Thos. Jefferson	b. 1870,	m. Caroline McClain, dau. of Henry.
5. Mice	b. 1872,	died young.
6. Allen B.	b. 1877,	m. Nancy Rozier, dau. of Luke.
7. Ann (or Annie)	b. 1879,	died young.
8. Jane	b. 1881,	m. Lawton Wainwright.
9. William Henry	b. 1883,	m. Verdie Jane Minchew, Feb. 19,1902, dau. of Wm. 

Henry Howard grew up in Appling County, but in the creation of Pierce 
County in 1858 partly out of Appling he and others of his family were cut 
into the new county. He enlisted Sept. 29, 1861, in Co. "N", 26th Georgia 
Infantry Regiment, the first company to be raised in Pierce County for the 
Confederate Army. The intitial enlistment in the 26th Regiment was for only 
six months. The men were mustered out March 31,1862. Shortly after, the 4th 
Georgia Cavalry was raised by volunteer enlistment, and Mr. Howard enlisted 
May 1, 1862, in Co. "A", made up mostly of those who had served the 6-month 
enlistment in the 26th Georgia. Mr. Howard was chosen corporal. The last 
roll on file of this company was dated June 30, 1864, and shows that he had 
deserted June 19, 1864. His command at the time was serving in protecting 
the South Carolina coast around Beaufort.
Mr. Howard after the war moved to Charlton County and lived there until his 
death Aug. 29, 1899. His farm where he lived was in the northeast part of 
the county, near the Allen Cemetery. His wife died about 1887, and was 
buried on their homeplace, the only grave there. His grave is marked; hers 
is not.

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