Re: how to reply? - Steve Coker
Subject: Re: how to reply?
From: Steve Coker
Date: April 14, 1998

This has been discussed and explained before in the Forum.  You can search the
archives at for archived discussions on
this and related topics.

Also, information regarding "Reply-To" settings are included in the SCRoots
subscription packet.  When I get some time, I will also post this on the
SCRoots Web pages at  

If the sender chooses not to configure their email program to put their email
address in the "Reply-To" line, then the Forum address becomes the default
"Reply-To" setting.  The message sender has control over this by how 
they choose to configure their email program.

The person replying to a message has the power to change, add, delete, or edit
the addresses to which the reply is sent.  To learn how to use your email
program addressing functions, try sending some test messages to yourself or a
friend.  But, please don't send them to the Forum.  If you can't figure it out
by trial and error, then, as a last resort, try reading the manual or the help
instructions regarding "Addressing Email."  Or try going to the software
manufacturer's web site and looking for their Frequently Asked Questions

Hope that helps,

Steve Coker
SCRoots Forum Manager

marcia moore collins wrote:
> If there is another way to reply, so that it can only go privately, let me
> know. I am using "outlook Express" for my mail, and Microsoft Internet
> explorer for browser.  At this point I am unsure whether or not I can reply
> to a letter via this list or not?

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