Re: How to Purchase Death Index - Mary Eddins Johnson
Subject: Re: How to Purchase Death Index
From: Mary Eddins Johnson
Date: April 25, 2000

The SC Archives address is not on Bull St. any more. They have moved to a
building on Parklane. You can get the address from their online site.

[email protected] wrote:

 The death index can be purchased from DHEC, 2600 Bull St., Columbia,SC 29201
> send your request to Jo Ann S. Gooding. You will need a Microfiche reader to
> read but LDS centers will more than likely let you use theirs or a public
> library. The cost is about $40.00 and the index goes through year 1949.
> I do hope this info will help.
> Diane Weatherford Brown-Payne formerly from Darlington, SC

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