Re: HOW TO DO CD LOOKUPS FAST?? - Dorris Chapel Church of Christ
From: Dorris Chapel Church of Christ
Date: March 28, 1998

What are the numbers of some of the CD's that you have?  It is a very
generous offer that you have made.  

Thank you,

Jennifer Fuqua

At 01:56 PM 3/28/98 -0800, you wrote:
> I also have a lot of cds and would love to help people put with
 lookups.  I know from first-hand experience how frustrating it is to
 know there's info out there on an ancestor but not have access to it.

 My problem has been the time involved in helping.  I don't know how to
 access the cds so I can "copy" the data somewhere without having to
 either print a page and re-input the material or manually write it
 and then input.  As you can imagine, my current system of helping
 (printing/writing then typing) takes way too much time!  I'm running
 Netscape Communicator 4.01 on Windows 95 and have Family Tree Maker
 version 4.4

 I will appreciate any & all suggestions either privately or to the

 as I suppose there are many other good-hearted amateur genealogists
 there who would also like to help.

 Thanks for helping me help others - Gail
Check out my new web site at
		for Warren, Crowder, Conway, Hendrix, Marbut,
			 Roper, and many more lines.

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