Re: How Can I Find County Coroner Reports? - Jeanette Martin
Subject: Re: How Can I Find County Coroner Reports?
From: Jeanette Martin
Date: May 27, 1998

Hi there,
	I don't know 'bout published reports, but I think you'll find them at
the county courthouse.  I was at ours in McRae,Ga. Pulled out  one of
the heavy books to see what was in it and found it was the Coroners
Reports. Never entered my mind that there was such a thing. Plan to go
looking for more. Can find lots of treasures at courthouses.
Jeanette in Telfair Co.Ga

John Robinson wrote:
> Hello All,
> Recently I discovered an article in a South Carolina Genealogy Magazine
> that provided a listing of Camden District Coroners Inquistions
> 1784-1799.
> It was a fascinating article that provided details from these
> inquisitions that were performed as a result of accidental deaths and
> killings.
> However, in information I have read discussing county assets available
> for family research I have not seen "Coroner Reports" as source for
> information being discussed.
> I have a relative named Andrew C. Kidd who, according to family history,
> was murdered in York or Chester County in the mid 1850's.
> Does anyone have suggestions on whether a Coroner's Report for this
> murder might be available or who to contact for further information?
> thank you,
> John Robinson
> [email protected]
>                   (  @ @  )

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