How Can I Find County Coroner Reports? - John Robinson
Subject: How Can I Find County Coroner Reports?
From: John Robinson
Date: May 27, 1998

Hello All, 

Recently I discovered an article in a South Carolina Genealogy Magazine 
that provided a listing of Camden District Coroners Inquistions 

It was a fascinating article that provided details from these 
inquisitions that were performed as a result of accidental deaths and 

However, in information I have read discussing county assets available 
for family research I have not seen "Coroner Reports" as source for 
information being discussed. 

I have a relative named Andrew C. Kidd who, according to family history, 
was murdered in York or Chester County in the mid 1850's.  

Does anyone have suggestions on whether a Coroner's Report for this 
murder might be available or who to contact for further information? 

thank you, 
John Robinson

[email protected]

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