How Blind can We Be! - J Jilote
Subject: How Blind can We Be!
From: J Jilote
Date: August 17, 1998

I have to write about how frustrating it is to send request
for info on a person in a family and have someone respond

"OH, I have a Nat Anysurname, and an N. Anysurname, and a
Nathan Anysurname, but *no* Nathaniel... Sorry, I can't

And with that.... denied the opportunity of a possible
connection! I understand that the brain is not always
functioning at optimal capability (especially mine late at
night when I do most of my genealogy)... but PLEASE... ya'll
consider that the person making a request may have more info
to share, and a possible connection.

I searched for over a year till I found that my M. was
Maximilian! So, Not all records carry the person's given
name, some are only nicknames, or initials.... even for a
lifetime a name other than the given name can be used
perhaps to cause less confusion when there is more than one
family member with the same name. And if you do not have a
person's genealogy several generations back, and consider
all the variant spellings..... you may be missing an
opportunity to share~

And I must add that my own request must be clear and
understood. But with a simple request of "Do you have a
Nathaniel in your line?" and a response "No, I only have an
N.! " ....... something has gone very wrong, or there is
humor ~almost~ past my understanding and tolerance!


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