Re: Housekeeping Request - Steven Coker
Subject: Re: Housekeeping Request
From: Steven Coker
Date: June 28, 1999

Debbie wrote:
>         My apologies to the list.  I tried to find a personal email address for
> the moderator, but could find none, even on the web pages.
>         Is there any way to shorten the headers, or to put most of the information
> at the bottom as a trailer?

The SCRoots Forum is a managed forum but it is not a "moderated" forum.  Thus
there is a manager but not a moderator.  A "moderated" email forum is one in
which every email message must be reviewed and approved by a moderator before it
is distributed to the forum.  The SCRoots Forum does not have prior review and
approval of messages.  All messages are sent uncensored without moderation.

An email address for the SCRoots Forum Manager is given in the taglines of every
message sent to the SCRoots Forum.  The SCRoots web site at
also has an email address and a web page link for the SCRoots Forum Manager.  

As to the question regarding headers.  No, there is no way for me to shorten the
actual headers in a given message.  The headers are written and controlled by
the sender's email program and the routing points along the net.  The reader has
control over how much of the header is displayed in their email reader.  Every
email reader has control settings for header display.

Some messages show header information in the body of the message.  That is
beyond my control and the reader can't control it either in their email reader
settings.  The rootsweb email system automatically converts certain types of
messages which are not in pure text format.  When it makes such an automatic
conversion it puts the header information from the converted message into the
body of the message.  The only way to prevent this auto-conversion process from
happening is for the message sender to use pure text format when sending their
messages.  Messages which are not in pure text format will either be
automatically rejected or converted to pure text.

Any comments suggestions regarding how the auto-conversion process should
display headers should be submitted to the technical staff at 
They are the only ones who can change the process.

Steve Coker 
SCRoots Forum Manager
[email protected] or [email protected]

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