Horry County ancestors - Kenfrink
Subject: Horry County ancestors
From: Kenfrink
Date: January 29, 1998

Hello everyone:

In the Shallotte NC area (Ocean Isle, etc.) there is an "Old Georgetown Road".

Barely visable from Old Georgetown Road is a path that enters into the
woods and an ancient cemetery is found .

My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother are buried there, (Jabesh Frink
and Susan Gore Frink), as well as some Bennetts, Gause's, other Frinks, and
some Youngs', and others. (the custom of laying seashells on top of the
graves is seen and still in tact on some graves)

The grave sights were in "near ruin" when I found them last summer, and I
have obtained permission from the Corporate owners to "clean it up, and do
maintainence twice per year.

I am told it was called FRIENDSHIP CEMETERY, and I am also told it is a
church cemetery, and a church used to stand next by the graves.


Does anyone have information on Friendship cemetery or what church used to
be next to it, on Old Georgetown Road...BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC.

I want to do something to get this cemetery into better condition before it
is lost, or plowed over for a golf course. (The time is short to do this)

Any help appreciated, and will possibly also help other families by saving
their graves and tombstones.

sincere thanks,

Kenneth R.Frink

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