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<< In "SC Patriots in the American Revolution" by Moss,there are: 
 Daniel HORRY, colonel in the light dragoons.
 ELIAS HORRY, JR, in Charleston Militia Regmt
 Hugh HORRY, Lt Colonel of lower Craven Co Regmt; was at some time in
 Marion's brigade; was at the fall of Charleston.
 Can someone tell me where the above men were from.  I am thinking they
 should be from Marion County.  Help is appreciated. Thanks.  Lona

Greetings from Florence Co. I'm thinking that they should be father south and
more to the coast than current Marion Co. (Georgetown, Charleston, early
Craven Co, etc.). From St. James Santee, Plantation Parish by Bridges &

p. 408 "Hugh Horry of the Parish of Georgetown, Bachelor, and Sarah Bonneau of
the Parish of Georgetown, Widow, were married in the Dwelling- Houseof Mrs.
Sarah Bonneau of the Parish of Georgetown, by Licence, this Twenty third day
of April, Anno Dominni 1786 by me S. F. Warren of the Parish of St. James'
Santee, Clerk. 

This marriage was Solemnized between us               Hugh Horry
arah Bonneau
In the Presence of us                                              Peter Horry
. Lenud  "

p. 353 "Cemetary Inscriptions, St. James Santee Parish Church, Memorials

1. On the 7th Aug. 1707 Margaret Huger married Elias Horry. He was also a
French refuge and had fled Paris where he was born in the year 1664. He
survived his wife, died in Charleston in 1736 in his 72nd year and was buried
in the French Churchyard. Their children were 4 sons, Daniel, Elias, John and
Peter Horry and 2 daughters Henrietta who married Anthony Bonneau and Magdalen
who married Paul Trapier. Elias Horry, the present owner of this plantation,
has given this stone to be erected in memory of his grand- father Daniel

p. 418  From the Parish Register: 
Burials 1763
"Sepr. 11. Coll. Daniel Horry Sr. Planter."

p. 431 From the Parish Register
Burials 1785
"Novr. 14. Col. Daniel Horry, Esqr. B. L. "

There are numerous other references to the names Elias and Daniel (of several


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